RaPal Dark Res


Success starts with a stupid idea.


What started as a silly video between me and a friend, quickly grew out to become the biggest animation series in their niche. 

'RaPal Dark Res' was a parody on the American television show 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' These videos combined sloppy cartoons, weird computer voices and explicit language into an an animation series full of nuances and references. The videos weren't meant to get a giant audience and that is exactly the cause of the success. 


The Iconic Duck

The participants of the show get trasnformed into their digital caricatures since 2015. Some of these entertainers were almost as excited as everyone else to see their disturbed self back in the internetseries. The episodes full of explicit self-mockery got shared all over social media. The succes didn't sto pthere, because merchandise with the iconic duck face of the show were available worldwide. One of the winners of the show, and most famous drag queens from the united states, was also a big fan. An invite from me to guest-voice on the show as a voiceover surely did not get denied from her. 

Big Impact

The show got a team of writers and designers in 2018, but we decide to pull the plug in early 2019. After 4 years and 4 seasons of the animation show, we thought it was time for different challenges for us. The show might have stopped, but the fans did not. RaPal Dark Res still gets quotes by the viewers on a daily basis and fans often share their favorite moments of the show from the past years.

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