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You might have some questions. Read the FAQ below. Do you still not have the information you are looking for? Get in touch!


Client Support

Clients receive their own login details for the client portal. This personal page gives you an overview of everything you need like invoice, deliverables, schedules, downloads, links and more.

Student Support


Online courses about social media, marketing and everything you need to know to start your online brand are being developed right now. C 



Can you help me?

I would love to help everyone, but i do have a focus towards innovative, unique and creative businesses. For example: Fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, art, media, photography, Food & Diner, artists, personal care, music and related businesses.

Do you not see your business in this list but do you still want to work together? Don't worry, i'm always looking for new experience and challenges.

Why do i need social media?

There has always been a battle for attention through advertising, newspapers, radio or television in the world of entrepreneurship. This was almost the only way to get your message across. Luckily for us, this is not the case anymore. The power of social media gave us the opportunity to tell our own story how we want, whenever we want and how much we want to. That is because the new television, radio and newspaper is often not further away from the pocket of our pants. We are the media now.

A lot of people will see social media as a way to constanly promote themselves or their products. And that is where a lot of people go grown. This will never work. The goal of social media is, as the word says, being social. This gives you the opportunity to tell your story and interact with your audience. 

A lot of unique entrepreneurs find it difficult to tell this story in the world of this constantly changing media. This is where i help. I am here to assist these businesses find their voice in the modern media.

What can i expect from the working process?

Before we start working together in any way we will have to know eachother in a discovery call. This way i will get to know you and also your business. We will disover your goals and what we can expect from eachother.

You will receive your own login details after signing an agreement. These are for the client portal. This is where we will make an overview of all the information you need like invoices, deliverables, agreements, schedules and more.

We will have regular (video)calls to discuss eachothers process. This can be weekly, monthly or on whatever time schedule fits your needs.

How is our rate calculated?

I do not believe in predefined packages, because not all businesses are the same. Every brand deserves their own customized process. This is also why rates vary depending on your business. This investment varies based on elements like:

  • The size of your business
  • The state of your business
  • The quantity of your project.
  • The time required for our project
  • The impact of the project
  • The long term value

Rates are not just calculated based on hourly rates, but also on value. Designing a logo can have a giant impact on your business and bring you a lot of value. The value of the project influences our rate. We will discuss this after or in our discovery call.

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